Moving Out

The time is upon us, once again. My husband and I will be packing up our lair and relocating to a place with 100% less retirement-age Russians who leave their door open at all times. How will I keep up with Dancing with the Stars or Wheel of Fortune? No one knows. Those questions will have to wait until I have an answer for “Why have I not yet invested in a Kindle?”, because look:

Recently, I went on an X-Men TPB-buying spree, trying to catch up on the last 6–7 years of storylines. I also picked up Casanova and some Doctor Who trades. I’ve read through some, but I’m waiting til the move is done to really get into them. Maybe I’ll talk about the books here? Sure, that sounds fun.

Carrie and I have started work on the next volume of To The Power Against, which is super ridiculous and great, so far. I don’t want to give anything away, but: sharks, the ISS and bindles.

Along those lines, convention season officially kicks off (for us) in March, with Wonder Con. Although I will miss visiting San Francisco and seeing our NorCal buddies this year, I am absolutely excited about heading over to Disneyland after the show each night.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more books to pack.

Winter Time Update

Hello there!

I have been busy paying the billz and having a birthday, but you may be happy to know that comic drawing will be happening again THIS VERY WEEK. I also have a couple lingering commission requests (Mike! Doyle!) to work on during my holiday break time. I am not the fastest, but I do get things done. Eventually.

I did manage one small art project in the months since the last update, though I couldn’t safely talk about it til now. My good buddy David recently proposed to his girlfriend Jen via a comic book that he wrote and asked his friends to illustrate. Here is a video of the proposal:

AUGH. Isn’t that just the best?

Here is the page that I drew, if you want to see it closer.

David and Jen Proposal Comic

Fathom Commission

Here’s another commission I finished up recently. As you can probably tell, this was done as a birthday present and the recipient’s favorite character is Fathom.

This was my first time using watercolors in roughly one thousand years, and I think it turned out pretty well. I also used some colored pencils on top to add some shading and clean up the edges.

Fathom Commission

Click for the larger version.

Game Days Shirt Design

Sometimes, instead of drawing comics and such, I do graphic and web design.

Actually no, that is pretty much all of the time right now. Forgive me, Comics! I’ll be back soon!

Anyway, below is a fun thing I designed for use as a t-shirt graphic for the upcoming Game Days event at Disneyland, put on by the fine fellows at Mega64. Greg and I went last year and had a ridiculously good time—this year, we’re coming equipped with our own shirts.

Game Days 2011 Shirt Design

If you are going and would like to use it to make shirts, I’ve uploaded a couple of files for you.

PNG File (90 KB) [Download]
EPS File (545 KB) [Download]

Finished Tara Commission

Here is the finished color version of the in-progress Tara commission I posted the other day. It was drawn on a piece of Bristol board that had been signed and personalized by Amber Benson. Fun!

Done with the usual Prismacolor art markers and colored pencils. Click for the full version.

Tara - Color