Ta-da! in Color

I got in a little digital color practice with my sketch of Emogician and Lovely Assistant from the other day.

Ta-da! in Color

Normally when I color art in Photoshop, I do something similar to cel shading, either with a hard edge paint brush underneath the line work (quick) or tracing over the artwork with the pen tool, essentially using shapes to construct re-construct the drawing in color (slow). An example of the first method is this Amy Pond sketch:

Color Example 1

An example of the second is this cover for To The Power Against #4:

Color Example 2

The Emogician image up at the top was my attempt at the more “traditional” digital coloring that you see in many of the mainstream comics. I haven’t decided which method I like best, I have yet to try a watercolor effect or something that mimics what I do with art markers on paper.

Maybe I’ll just use all of them AT THE SAME TIME.