Back from Japan

Greg and I have returned from our trip to Japan and have started to settle back into our regularly scheduled activities.

Hitting three major cities—Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka—in eight days was pretty exhausting, but it was an AMAZING time! We’re already planning things to do when we go back.

As is my custom, I took a ton of photos. As is also my custom, I have been slowly uploading them, carefully reviewing each one and cropping/adjusting levels/painting out power lines, keeping it real profesh.

Below are some of the first batch of photos from the days we spent in Tokyo.

[AFG_gallery id=’2′]

We saw a few things around Tokyo, visited the Ghibli Museum and walked alllll over the Meiji Shrine grounds.

The rest of the set is up over on my Flickr page »

Greg also took an abundant amount of photos as well as a bunch of videos. I don’t really do videos. Sorry.