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Two New Commissions

Finally catching up on some commission backlog. These two were for regular customer Rick who had a couple Blue Line pages autographed, then gave them to me to sketch on.

First one is Felicia Day as Codex from The Guild (which I knew nothing about before looking up reference).

Codex Commission

Next is Evangeline Lilly as Kate from Lost and I think this one turned out nicely. Coloring fun!

Kate Austen Commission

Some Recent Art

Hey there, I’ve got a couple new-ish pieces to share. I’ve been busy in freelance Graphic Design Land (making tha monies) for the past few months, but I’m starting to catch up on commissions and will hopefully have more to share soon.

First is a quick piece I did for the daughter of a couple friends. She’s one year old so this is sort of more for her parents until she’s fully indoctrinated into the Holy Church of Star Wars. (Click the images to zoom and enhance.)

Tiny Leia

Next up is a commission done for probably my number one fan (other than my mom and my husband), Rick. I can’t draw Kitty Pryde without drawing Lockheed, it’s a rule.

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed

Dark Phoenix

Hi all! Back from Wonder Con, this past weekend. I’ll put up an entry about that later as well as some announcements. But first, here is a commission from the show. Enjoy!

Dark Phoenix