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Favorite Five X-Men

I’ve seen a couple people do a little strip of their Favorite Five X-Men (like Jon Morris and Doc Shaner), and I thought it would be a good little project to finally try out Manga Studio 5.

Favorite Five X-Men

This is my first time penciling and inking with Manga Studio, and i think it turned out pretty well! I used Ray Frenden’s brushes, like everyone with a single ounce of common sense should. The colors were done in Photoshop, even though I hear nice things about Manga Studio 5’s coloring tools, I’m just super used to my Photoshop set up for coloring. All in all, a good first run, I definitely want to do more with digital illustration.

Fathom Commission

Here’s another commission I finished up recently. As you can probably tell, this was done as a birthday present and the recipient’s favorite character is Fathom.

This was my first time using watercolors in roughly one thousand years, and I think it turned out pretty well. I also used some colored pencils on top to add some shading and clean up the edges.

Fathom Commission

Click for the larger version.

Finished Tara Commission

Here is the finished color version of the in-progress Tara commission I posted the other day. It was drawn on a piece of Bristol board that had been signed and personalized by Amber Benson. Fun!

Done with the usual Prismacolor art markers and colored pencils. Click for the full version.

Tara - Color

Some Recent Art

Hey there, I’ve got a couple new-ish pieces to share. I’ve been busy in freelance Graphic Design Land (making tha monies) for the past few months, but I’m starting to catch up on commissions and will hopefully have more to share soon.

First is a quick piece I did for the daughter of a couple friends. She’s one year old so this is sort of more for her parents until she’s fully indoctrinated into the Holy Church of Star Wars. (Click the images to zoom and enhance.)

Tiny Leia

Next up is a commission done for probably my number one fan (other than my mom and my husband), Rick. I can’t draw Kitty Pryde without drawing Lockheed, it’s a rule.

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed