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Heading down to Comicon

It is that magical time of year when I disappear into a deep trance, going to work then drawing comics at night, all in preparation for the funnest of times: Comicon.

If you are a person and are going to Comicon this weekend, make sure to stop by Small Press table M-03.

It hasn’t completely been all work and then more work. There was moving, then a trip to both Michigan and Florida for some family times and then a really lovely wedding on Catalina Island.

Recent artwork has mostly been of the To The Power Against variety, some of which you can see right here.

This next volume is a lot of fun, I’m super looking forward to having it all finished and in the hands of the people.

Moving Out

The time is upon us, once again. My husband and I will be packing up our lair and relocating to a place with 100% less retirement-age Russians who leave their door open at all times. How will I keep up with Dancing with the Stars or Wheel of Fortune? No one knows. Those questions will have to wait until I have an answer for “Why have I not yet invested in a Kindle?”, because look:

Recently, I went on an X-Men TPB-buying spree, trying to catch up on the last 6–7 years of storylines. I also picked up Casanova and some Doctor Who trades. I’ve read through some, but I’m waiting til the move is done to really get into them. Maybe I’ll talk about the books here? Sure, that sounds fun.

Carrie and I have started work on the next volume of To The Power Against, which is super ridiculous and great, so far. I don’t want to give anything away, but: sharks, the ISS and bindles.

Along those lines, convention season officially kicks off (for us) in March, with Wonder Con. Although I will miss visiting San Francisco and seeing our NorCal buddies this year, I am absolutely excited about heading over to Disneyland after the show each night.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more books to pack.