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Gussying Up

I finally got around to setting up a WordPress installation and moving the site content over. Due to some older, indispensable plugins, I was no longer able to upgrade Movable Type which was only going to get more obnoxious as time went on. So, here we are with a new system and a few template changes. Next up is the Conjoined Comics site. Yaaaay.

In art news, I’m finishing up the fifth issue of To The Power Against and will be starting on the sixth once Carrie and I work out the thumbnails. I’m also working on a couple goodies that will be up by the end of the week.

For fun, I took some inspiration from Periscope Studio’s Miyazaki Week and did a quick sketch of Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. Then I remembered that it’s been one million years since I’ve done something in an anime style.