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Emerald City Comic Con this weekend!

Ahoy hoy!

Currently I am enjoying in-flight wi-fi on a plane up to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con.

I will be at Artist Alley table Q-18 pretty much all weekend. If you want sketches, I’ll be making them!

$5 gets you a sketch card
$10 gets you a 5″ x 8″

Also important…

To The Power Against Issue 7 Banner

Hooray! New comic! Stop by the table this weekend and get yourself a promo code to download it for free.

I think it turned out well and I hope people enjoy it. I’ve been trying out some different inking tools, still trying to find what works best. Maybe the next one will be done digitally? Maybe I’ll try nib pens again? Who can say?

And I’m Back

Finally back from a year-long hiatus. Work, comic production and, um, sleeping kept me from my bloggery. Nine half-finished redesign attempts later, I’ve actually managed to set everything up for a fresh start. Here, I bring you art!

Catalina and Chairman Meow

In addition to the job that pays the bills, I’m currently working on To The Power Against issue five as well as a new project with Carrie, The Yeti. I’ll be posting sketches and things as I go. Speaking of To The Power Against, I’ve finally posted the cover of issue four, sans title:

To The Power Against Issue 4 Cover

Meanwhile, our photos from Comic Con are up in the Conjoined Comics Flickr pool. Carrie’s “Robot vs. ________” series is quite amazing.